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Leona Van Vaerenbergh

Leona Van Vaerenbergh
University of Antwerp
Arts and Philosophy
Applied Linguistics
Translation and Interpreting
Schilderstraat 41
B-2000 Antwerpen · Belgium

Klaus Schubert

Klaus Schubert
Universität Hildesheim
Institut für Übersetzungswissenschaft und Fachkommunikation
Universitätsplatz 1
D-31141 Hildesheim · Germany

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trans-kom is an academic journal for translation and technical communication research published solely on the Internet. trans-kom publishes research findings and contributions to academic discourse on subjects concerning translation and interpreting, technical communication, language for special purposes, terminology, and related fields.


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The articles and reviews published in trans-kom are listed in the catalogues of the German National Library. Thus, they can be accessed and retrieved online through international library catalogues and search engines such as Google Scholar.

Volume 8, Issue [2] (2015)

Ralph Krüger

Fachübersetzen aus kognitionstranslatologischer Perspektive

Das Kölner Modell des situierten Fachübersetzers

» Download

Carmen Canfora & Angelika Ottmann

Risikomanagement für Übersetzungen

» Download

Marcel Thelen

The Interaction between Terminology and Translation

Or Where Terminology and Translation Meet

» Download

Faten Almutawa & Sattar Izwaini

Machine Translation in the Arab World: Saudia Arabia as a Case Study

» Download

Jamal Mohamed Giaber

Implications of Lexical Choices in Translating Novels as Literary Texts

The Case of A Farewell to Arms in Arabic

» Download

Susanne J. Jekat & Daniel Prontera & Richard Bale

On the Perception of Audio Description: Developing a Model to Compare Films and Their Audio Described Versions

» Download

Daniel Gallego-Hernández

La traducción del italiano, catalán y portugués en su combinación con el español

Estudio descriptivo basado en encuestas

» Download

Nina Szymor

Behavioral Profiling in Translation Studies

» Download

Juho Suokas & Kaisa Pukarinen & Stuart von Wolff & Kaisa Koskinen

Testing Testing: Putting Translation Usability to the Test

» Download

Mohammad Saleh Sanatifar & Ali Jalalian Daghigh

Explicating Allusive Implicature and Its Influence on the Target Audience

A Translation of Obama’s Victory Speech into Persian

» Download

Mariana Hilgert

Übersetzung zwischen möglichen Welten – eine Suche nach einem theoretischen Ausweg

» Download

Klaus Schubert

“so gewiß muß es auch eine Uebersetzungswissenschaft geben”

Erweiterte Recherchen zur ersten Forderung nach einer wissenschaftlichen Beschäftigung mit dem Übersetzen

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