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ISSN 1867-4844


Band 15, Nummer [1] (2022)


Volume 15, Issue [1] (2022)

Kalle Konttinen

Monitoring student self-efficacy in a translation company simulation

A multilevel model approach

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Fabio Regattin

Prémices d'un traduire élargi?

Humain-vivant: comprendre, communiquer

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Francesca Raffi

Paratexts and retranslation

The journey of The Lord of the Rings in Italy from 1967 to 2020

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Mahsa Abdolahi & Mehrnoosh Fakharzadeh

Adaptation strategies in intersemiotic translation of suspense elements in detective novels

The case of The hound of the Baskervilles

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Sanela Mešić

Kulturvermittlung durch Übersetzung am Beispiel des Romans Uhvati zeca von Lana Bastašić

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Elisabetta Longhi

Moorheilbäder für Italiener

Ein linguistischer Fall

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Katia Iacono

Interpreting in quality-centred medical tourism in Austria and Germany

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Giulia Pedrini

Plain and Easy Language as a means to increase health literacy on COVID-19

A contrastive analysis of English and German texts

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